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Glitch art

Glitch art


The net.art available online from 1993 to 2003 is still available online but unless you have an old browser that can

render the pages, the true rendition of these art works are now lost. I have recreated this page here:
Early digital art webpage by Mary


Flashing monitor

Flashing monitor

Really early works are not available to see first hand because of this. However, a trawl of the Whitney Museum’s early collections do still play. Longest Sentence


turning sound into vision


Digital art on the internet for me is special. It allows artists and others to use a medium for which there are no

guidelines, no rules. The limits is the medium itself and you can see that early artists had to impose these limits on their art if they wanted to share their art.




A digital artist can use the tools of the web and make art projects that are big and beautiful; that run smoothly; that

use a multidude of colours and sounds but back in 1993 and even into 2003 this art could not be uploaded quickly neither could it be downloaded easily.

net-art graphic

net-art graphic

Digital art had to step back and work within the constraints of the limits of the world wide web. the networks that allowed the freedom to disseminate imposed restrictions. This was a free world with walls. Hence early digital art is often clunky with limited colours and graphics but it is this simplicity that marks it of its time.

I like the fact that this art looks like a printer test page.:

Internet Art

Internet Art with pics

It could be in ascii.

This is probably how the apple logo was first designed by Rob Janoff in early 1977.

Some of the early glitch art by Rosa Menkman reverts to the look of early digital art by disrupting more advanced programs and jolting the viewer back in time to the early days of internet art.



The annual International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA). began in 1988 and out of this movement came internet art. It was set up to push the boundaries of this new medium and to discover through interaction. It now

looks primitive sat alongside the multicoloured, multidimensional immersive art of the internet we are used to


Jodi, an art collective or jodi.org, is a collective of two  internet artists: Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans. They had a background in making art from photography and video(analogue).

These art mediums in this age were not considered main stream art at the time either. They transferred to playing with software. At first other people’s software and like Rosa Menkman introduced the “glitch” to these game programs to carry a message. these were called “Mods”. But they were not on the internet.

glitch graphic

glitch graphic

Early pioneers were those working in the USA such as Golan Levin and Collaborators. Their work can be seen on


Gallery 9 is the Walker Art Center’s online exhibition space.
Gallery 9 presented the work of more than 100 artists and became one of the most recognized online venues
for the exhibition and contextualization of Internet-based art. One of my favorites but you have to wait 30 seconds….

Music: this music project plays 10 hours of music across the generations from France
10 Hours of French Music

World Wide Wrong

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