Today is a summary of the last four weeks work. I have built:

A tumblr page:

DigitalArtStudents Blog

A Single page in html 1:

HTML 1 single page

I have set up a blog page: blog page

I tried out a couple of themes on a different page:

Digital Art Students experimental page

Internet Art Blog Experimental


Now this page, the portfolio site page:

Digital Art Student Portfolio Page

I have written several 400 word Tasks:


Internet Art

This is the work on my superbad site:

My Super Bad site


I have watched online instructional videos:

How To Build a WordPress site

I have read:

Designing Web Usibility

Web Design for Beginners

HTML5 & Css3: the Complete Manual

and I have experimented!

I ended up with three Portfolio categories

Several plugins and tools.

I now also have access to FTP to upload files onto the Host Monster site using WinSCP (Filezilla)

I have copious notes and many, many links to refer to detailed in the notes from

DAT 504 course notes

I have pulled down websites from the internet and pulled them apart using WINHTTRACK

I follow the notes on tumblr and used Jetpack.

DAT 504 Lewis’ notes

Links to social media.

New editing:

now use Komodo instead of Brackets.

Use Gimp

Played with Javascript and PHP and changed the CSS.

Uploaded sound and gifs.

Bought a URL from

Used CMS and changed themes without losing content..

Used w3schools a lot!

Advantages and disadvantages of a multi-site self hosting.

I have written two more tasks here:

Portfolio web design considerations

and Here:

my website design





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