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The portfolio website that I have designed to showcase my skills as a designer for the internet of things has to include:

Written content.
Moving images.

It has to show that I have the following skills:

Image manipulation.
Sound manipulation.
Video editing.

HTML, CSS3 and Javascript knowledge.

It also has to show that I can combine any one of these or all of these on the Portfolio website.

I started looking at WordPress and seeing how it displayed.  Most of the “themes” have large images and a pre-structured layout.  I felt I had to adapt what was there to the Portfolio website requirements.

The first step was to experiment with the themes.  Normally when building a site I would start with setting out the website architecture.

I would define the goals that the website was to have. ie who it was for and what function it had.

I would then define the content areas and have narrowed these down for this site to the various media used as main categories.

Then the site map is drawn up and the navigational structure established. Finally a wireframe is drawn using giffy:



The next step would be a mock-up and collate content, find images, text and look at visual design elements and colours.

However, using WordPress and playing with themes this time, the design was already written and the content and navigation has been fed into it.

If I was creating another website using wordpress, I would return to the more traditional steps of website creation and then use WordPress to find a close theme to the basic design I had in mind.

WordPress has been inspirational in that it offers pre-built complex sites ready to use.

The addition of plugins and the easy manipulation of appearance and menu structure means that a WordPress website can be quickly manipulated to look good.

I have enjoyed the functionality of the WordPress platform and also the speed of getting a site to work with quickly.  After using it for a few weeks I now know more of what it is capable of and would use it differently the next time.

I think collating content and images first and having a clear idea of what I wanted to put on the site first, especially the categories, or pages, then the site that I have built would have had a different layout and structure.

In the process of building the portfolio site and going through building an html site and several blogs as well as tumblr has broadened my knowledge.  I now understand the internet and the way it works.  I now know about hosting and servers.

My next website will be a WordPress or Joomla site.  I will also sort out the image storage and video content using either or both Vimeo and Youtube.

The process of building a site using WordPress has introduced me to many more tools available via the web.

My website has been built alongside learning about design and the two come together sometimes, but not all!

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